5 Creators to Follow for Food Waste Inspiration

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Not knowing what to do with your excess food can be tricky. We've made it a little easier with these 5 creators you can follow for inspiration on how to reduce your food waste!

  1. @thegreenhub_/a> (Instagram) @thegreenhub1 (TikTok) - practical tips & recipes to help you reduce food waste. eat plant based & live a little more sustainably
  2. @compostable.kate/a> (Instagram) @compostable.kate (TikTok) - teaching you how to make compost and grow a regenerative garden
  3. @plantyou/a> (Instagram) @plantyou (TikTok) - Plant-based and scrappy low waste recipes
  4. @chef_tristan_welch/a> (Instagram) @chef_tristan_welch (TikTok) - a chef who loves food and hates waste
  5. @livingplanetfriendly/a> (Instagram) @livingplanetfriendly (TikTok) - sharing all the tips on how to live a low waste, planet-friendly life