5 Food Waste Recipe Websites

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Got a bunch of veggies that need to be used up? Have some fruit that is almost expired and not sure what to do with it? From recipe collections using commonly wasted food products to recipe generators based on your input ingredients, check out these 5 websites for tasty recipes that will help reduce your food waste.

  1. LoveFood Hate Waste - food saving recipes and good food habits
  2. OzHarvest/a> - everything you need to know about food waste, what you can do to reduce it and even some delicious leftover recipes
  3. Supercook/a> - bunch of ingredients that need using up? Put them in this recipe generator and it will give you a meal using them all
  4. MyFridgeFood/a> - enter any food you may have in the fridge and MyFridgeFood will give you a food waste fighting recipe
  5. Zero-WasteChef - a plethora of waste-reducing recipes that use foods which are often wasted