Behind Saveful: Meet Kim & Mike

Kim and Mike

Kim McDonnell

Kim McDonnell is the CEO and co-founder of Thankful. 

Through her dedication to unifying influencers, thought leaders, brands, and organisations, Kim has made a significant impact not only in Australia but across the globe.  Her collaborations with the UN Foundation to Eliminate Violence Against Women and the UN World Food Program to reduce food waste have furthered her mission of creating positive change.

Kim's achievements and contributions have been recognised by various organisations and publications, including speaking at the United Nations, serving as a member of the Professional Business Council Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, and being an Honorary Adviser to the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development NY. 

Mike Chuter

Mike Chuter is the COO and co-founder of Thankful. 

An accomplished business strategist and marketer, Mike has held a range of leadership positions across the globe. Passionate about using data, creativity, and technology to drive social impact and business success - Mike has helped businesses across Australia, Europe, UK, and USA build strong relationships with their customers and achieve impressive results.  

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